Understand & influence laws
that matter to   you. 

Understand & influence laws that matter to   you. 

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In the Arizona Legislature, 2019

Could SB 1046 take away some voting rights for Arizona voters?

Early voting could take a hit if this bill is passed. Find out how and why.

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Changes to vaccine-related laws in Arizona

Immunization exemptions, informed consent, and antibody titer tests are all subjects of new regulation.

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On the Arizona ballot: Nov. 6, 2018

How did AZ Prop 125 change public retirement benefits?


This new law has given lawmakers additional control over public retirement benefits for corrections officers and elected officials.

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What does AZ Prop 126 do for service providers in Arizona?


This new law prevents the state government from adding tax to services like car repairs, haircuts, childcare, and more.

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How would AZ Prop 127 have affected Arizona’s energy laws?


This new law would have required electricity providers like SRP and APS to gradually adopt more sustainable energy processes.

So why didn’t it pass?

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How did AZ Prop 305 change education laws?


By being defeated, the proposition repealed AZ Senate Bill 1431, stopping the Empowerment Scholarship Accounts from being expanded to all public school students.

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Election laws changed in two major ways with AZ Prop 306


Canidates can no longer give funds from certain accounts to political parties or 501(a) organizations.

In addition, the Citizens Clean Election Commission, a nonpartisan body, is now overseen by the Governor’s Regulatory Review Council, a partisan body.

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In the Arizona Legislature, 2018

How Arizona SB 1458 updates AZ laws to recognize same-sex couples

The Arizona Revised Statutes (ARS) was full of mentions of “man and woman” and “husband and wife,” so a few Senators decided to update the language to include same-sex couples.

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Arizona laws by category

Shh! Mind those City of Phoenix Noise Laws

Though the Phoenix City Charter describes many kinds of “loud, disturbing and unnecessary noises,” it also makes it clear that other noises can also be considered against the law.

What else is there to know about Phoenix’s noise ordinances?

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